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Are Test X180 products safe?

The entire Test X180 franchise is completely safe, with no negative side effects. Testofen, the main ingredient in all Test X180 products helps boost free testosterone, is a natural fenugreek seed extract. There are no banned or illegal substances of any kind.

How does Test X180 work?

Each Test X180 product harnesses the power of Testofen to help raise free testosterone levels in conjunction with a regular strength training routine. As free testosterone levels increase, you begin to feel impressive changes all over your body, like boosted libido, enhanced energy and stamina, and improved physical performance.

Can I use Test X180 with other products?

The entire Force Factor line can be safely combined for maximized results. Use Test X180 with Factor 2 for an added boost in your gym performance. Or try adding BRX before your workout to further improve your stamina and power.

How long does Test X180 take to work?

Each Test X180 product has it’s own unique timeline. Men who have taken each product have reported feeling an increase in libido, energy, stamina, and muscle gains in just days. In a clinical study of Testofen, the main ingredient in all Test X180 products, participants saw an average free testosterone increase of 99% in 8 weeks, compared to a mere 49% increase among the placebo group.

What else can I do to boost my free testosterone?

Test X180 products work to raise your free testosterone when used in conjunction with a regular strength training routine. Compound exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time can be very effective at supporting your free testosterone goals.

Do men who take Test X180 often recommend it?

Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have had incredible success with the full Test X180 line. You can read just a few of their stories here.