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I think this product is the real deal!!! I have used non-supplement testosterone boosters, and the feeling and energy I get using Test X180 is as close as I've come to the real thing. I am definitely going to continue using this product.
—Jonathan P.

Guys, this is the real deal. My pumps at the gym have been phenomenal, and the sex drive... lol just ask my wife. I have been using Test X180 for about a month, and with it I feel like a changed man. I now have the body and and sexual stamina to match. Thanks Test X180.
—Dustin A.

Test X180 isn't actually a test; it's the real thing! After receiving my free trial I immediately began to feel its effects. In the gym it felt like I went through a metamorphosis, because I was in "BEAST MODE"! In the bedroom it had me feeling like Ralph Kramden from The Honeymooners... to the moon Alice, to the mooooooon!!!!!! They should rename this product, "X180 The Solution" because it's the answer to all of your problems.
—Jerome C.

I recently started taking Test X180 and to be honest I am really starting to feel a difference in my workouts. I can feel my muscles again and as far as the bedroom stamina goes, I feel 10 years younger!
—Travis B.

I go to the gym 6 nights a week and have been using the original Force Factor on and off for a couple of years now. I've always had great results with it so I trust the company, which is why I decided to try Test X180. "Literally" the very first day my energy and mood improved tremendously! People at the gym asked me what I was on! I'm on day 5 and my libido is in overdrive. I have so much energy that I don't want to sit still and I feel alive again. I turn 41 next week and I haven't felt like this since I was in my 20s! Really, I'm not exaggerating! My wife wants to know when you're going to provide something for women. I'll let you know how it affects my body fat and muscle mass after a few weeks. Thank you so much for putting out a product that actually delivers on its promise, I can't thank you enough.
—Corby M.

I have noticed a big change in the way I feel. I have a more get-up-and-go attitude! Even in the bedroom! This stuff really works!
—Brian C.

I have suffered the past 11 years. I started using Test X180 and have improved considerably as I'm new and refurbished. I recommend it 100%. My stomach was reduced two sizes, my personal esteem is infinite. Excellent product!
—Luis M.

I am so satisfied with Test X180 that I stopped taking a shot in my muscle every week! I was looking for a different way to manage my free testosterone levels so I have now stopped the shots all together and am now using Test X180! My fiancée actually is the one that told me that maybe I should try it. She saw it and it turned out to be exactly what I needed! I would refer this to anyone looking for increased libido, muscle, and energy! This product changed my life!
—Kade H.

Just started using the sample bottle two weeks ago. I must say I'm impressed with the increase in strength and energy. The libido has increased as well. I will reorder a full bottle.
—Paul C.

I am 54 years old and I work 10 to 12 hours a day in precast concrete. Before I started taking Test X180, work was hell. Now I have the energy to keep up with all of the younger guys. They’re always challenging me to arm wrestle. They just don’t get it! I am single at the moment, but now I believe I can handle a girlfriend thanks to Test X180. I can't wait!
—Steve W.

Lucky enough to retire early, when I hit 50 I felt I was slowing down. Now I’m doing more and keeping up with a young wife.
—Dave M.

After one week, I have more energy, and my sexual drive has returned a little more than before. Now, I can't wait until each morning when I get to take more, so I can work outdoors more. I feel better physically. Glad I gave it a try.
—Kenneth S.

When I first started using Test X180, I was a little skeptical, but all my doubts were gone within the first few days. I had tons of energy and felt great every day. Going to the gym has never felt so empowering and satisfying. In my one-week trial, I gained muscle mass and experienced enhanced performance. My girlfriend has even noticed a difference in our sex life. In my opinion, if you’re a man looking for that last push to help you gain muscle, get a great body, and spice up your sex life, then Test X180 is the product for you.
—Phil W.

Test X180 is everything it claims to be and then some. At first, I was skeptical, since there are so many sketchy products out there. But I did my homework and Test X180 seemed like it was worth a try. In the gym after the first dose, the energy boost was astounding. I’ve felt great since the first day. I’ve got more lean muscle and more energy. What’s great is that it’s all coming naturally. No fuss or other gimmicks! I just purchased another bottle. Oh, and no one paid me to say this. Enjoy!

I’m 85 years old, but people have taken me for being as young as my late fifties. A few months ago, I was run down. After taking your product, my body is solid and I have energy. After my last physical at the VA, all my numbers came back normal—for a 40-year-old. Needless to say, my latest ladyfriend is thrilled.
—William E.


I used the trial bottle, and my energy levels have risen. I am able to lift with a greater intensity and with more endurance. I was also having problems with my diminishing sex drive and desire. The thought of sex now gets me super pumped. I am 53 and I feel like I did in my teens, twenties, and thirties, both at the gym and in bed, which is a blessing because I have a young, sexy 35-year-old girlfriend, and she is now very content in the bed department.
—Frank M.

I'm 59 years old, and Test X180 Ignite is the real deal. The bedroom deal was a big problem, but after Test X180 Ignite, it's GREAT, and no doctors involved. Happy, happy; and I didn't get paid to say this.
—Randy K.

I loved this stuff all throughout my free trial experience! I felt more energy and focus than I have in quite a long time due to the fact I have gotten off of all my other free test boosters. This stuff did exactly what I needed it to do! Can't wait to get more!
—Brandon A.

Hands down the best supplement I have ever taken. Within 2 days I've seen a huge difference. Thanks Test X180 Ignite. I will continue to post more results.
—James B.

I started using Test X180 Ignite and the stuff works. I used it for working out and it has helped build up my arm strength and mass, and lose stomach fat.
—Dan D.

I've only had this product for 3 days now and I already feel the benefits. I ordered the test sample at first, but I'm so happy with the quick results that I will be ordering a full supply and possibly order other offered products as well. Thank you Force Factor and Test X180 Ignite.
—Donnie L.

I'm back and more powerful than ever before with much more stamina and youth. This is a great product that I use personally for sex with my wife.
—Tim H.

This product is everything that was advertised! I have great energy in the gym as well as in the bedroom. I would recommend this product to anybody looking to get back in shape, even at my age!
—Joe D.

Since taking these pills I have nothing but energy and feel alive again. It works as soon as I take them. Can't wait to see more results.
—Quovadis Ezidore

This Test X180 Ignite is amazing! I’m stacking it with your other supplement, VolcaNO, and when both are used together they will give you the big pumps you need. When it comes to being with the wife after you work out, Ignite still has you going strong. Just put it this way, FORCE FACTOR IS THE BEST supplement ever! Other products I’ve used made me crash or just didn't give me the same drive. Thanks, Force Factor!
—Raul Y.

Wow! I could literally say a hundred things or more about this product, but I'd run out of space. Hands down, I believe this is the best product on the market that improves the male body in many areas. I'm 45, a husband and father of 6 children, and I work for a middle school as a special needs teacher and 8th grade basketball coach. I also coach little league baseball, basketball, and football. I’m also the lead staff for the Boys and Girls Club after-school program. This product has added the much needed BANG in my day and, yes, night. My wife sent me a text message the other day while at work saying that last night brought back memories. She wasn't aware of my taking Test X180 IGNITE, so I guess I will have to tell her my SECRET. LOL!
—Lorenza T.

I am almost 60 years old. For the last ten years I had been feeling run down, no motivation, and a real lack of drive for sex! I ordered a free sample of Test X180 and wow! Within two days I started noticing a difference. This product is great and I will be getting more. I have more energy, feel stronger, and my wife has noticed a difference in our lovemaking.
—George A.

Said the King to the people everywhere, listen to what I say: It does work. In only two days, I can tell. Life is fresh and with amplitude. I am looking forward to Maria. And she will have her own testimony. The "fog" is gone, I am alert and I went from 71 to 21 in a jiffy. This product is really happening. Thanks. And I am also ready to say goodbye to belly fat. I know that will come shortly. People everywhere, try it for free while it lasts and thank Ruben (that would be me). My name and my reputation are on it. USARMY Infantry Officer, Ret.
—Ruben Pages

I just took it for the first time today and I can honestly tell you that in 4 hours, I felt different. I had energy and I can feel my muscles begging for a workout. So far, so good.
—David Resto

I'm 57 and I haven't felt right since my mid 30s. I was skeptical at first because I always considered supplements to be akin to snake oil, but after reading the testimonials and being a recently newlywed, I felt like I had to give Test X180 a try. After the first day, I experienced an extreme change. If you miss that guy that was in you in your 20s... brimming with piss and vinegar, you can get him back and your life will change in ways that you won't be able to believe at first, but take it from me... this stuff will change everything. I'm back!!!!
—Bruce Kuiper

I've been taking Force Factor for a while and eventually added Test X180 Ignite. I must say it does give your workout the boost it needs. I have lost 50 pounds of fat and have increased the muscles in my biceps, chest, shoulders, and back. I am in better shape at 48 than I was at 32.
—Bill Kennedy

Since trying Test X180 Ignite, I have had an increase in my energy and strength. This is evident when I play golf, as I do not fade in the last few holes, thus my scores are better and I enjoy the game much more. My libido is better too… and long lasting.
—Don Lilja

Well i haven't had a chance to test it out in the bedroom yet as i am 68 and it is hard to find a woman that I really want to spend the rest of my life with..but I will add I like the drive that it gives me during the day and my weight loss as that is what i was looking for at the time i ordered the product. I want to keep my muscle tone and it does give me the drive for exercise..best product I have found so far. Thank you.
—Ken Merryman

I ordered the free sample of Test X180 Ignite to try and sat on it without opening it. I finally decided to give it a try and am so happy I did. I feel better, have more energy, and a clearer mind than I did when I was in my 20's. My bedroom drive rivals my drive at 18. I am a true believer in Test X180 Ignite and already have 15 friends ordering theirs.
—Karl Lange

Taking the pills before a workout, I can really feel my muscles especially while lifting weights. I could definitely tell I had an extra boost of energy. Honestly, I cannot wait to keep taking Test X180 Ignite. After using the sample, I would not think twice about buying a full bottle. I was so happy, I told my friends and family about it.
—Kiomar A.

When I started taking Test X180 Ignite, I felt the difference in my energy levels. I was motivated to work out. I started to see a difference in my clothes and felt more confident. Test X180 Ignite saved my life and made me feel like a million bucks!
—Walter H.


I train in mixed martial arts. What I noticed when I started taking this supplement was that I was no longer tired and fatigued after training. Because of this I was able to give a lot more in my training sessions and was able to work out more often as well. After a few days of taking the supplement I also noticed that my body looked tighter, more toned, and I felt better.
—Paul N.

I'm 52 years old and I work nights. When I started to take Test X180 Alpha I decided to give it the true test and quit drinking coffee like I normally do to see if it really helped and was effective. I was really surprised that I still had energy to close the restaurant at 12:30 in the morning. I also had so much energy I started walking home rather than take the train which is how I normally commute. I've never taken supplements before but Test X180 Alpha has made me a believer.
—David B.